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"A painting is unspoken words - it is poetry in motion; every vision, every stroke, every splash of color & every drop of energy." 
My inspiration evolves from the myriad of nature's gifts.  The hues, shadows, textures and intensity of the colors are my passion.  

As an abstract expressionist, I strive to create paintings that are filled with a vibrational abundance of joy and have a cohesive/vibrant color palette.  The colors evoked in my paintings ignite a healing essence for the observer.  The natural world shares with me the ability to shift the energetic elements of each painting.  The constant change of the landscape and the weather provides a magically diverse exploration into shapes, textures and colors.  The images and energy of nature are brought into the studio and infused into my paintings.

I have resided in many locations throughout the United States, which added the element of curiosity, joy and diversity.  Currently I live and work at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in a small town called Palmer Lake.  I enjoy my grandchildren and playing in the great outdoors.

Jean's limited edition Artitotes collection was retired in August of 2022. 

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