Collection: Kathleen Rietz

A lifelong lover of nature and art, Kathleen Rietz was drawing and painting before she learned to write her name. A native of Illinois, she spent her childhood exploring diverse gardens, creeks and fields, and working on art projects to keep her creative mind and hands busy. Kathleen began experimenting with a new painting style several years ago, when she felt drawn to let go of rendering concrete, realistic representations of objects and instead tap into feelings and emotions using the colors that she choose to represent her subjects. Her paintings are sold internationally. You will find that flowers are a predominant focus in Kathleen’s work for their many symbolisms. During Covid lockdown, Kathleen answered the call of many of her fans to produce online art courses and workshops. For more information on Kathleen Rietz, visit or IG @kathleen_rietz_artist

Kathleen's recent limited edition Artitotes collection was retired in 2022. To purchase her art, please visit her website 

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