Collection: Brenda Mullard

About Brenda

"I love bright colors and art that grabs you right by the eyes. Art that makes you happy and brings you joy. Places like the ocean, colorful flower gardens, and sitting on the dock next to a lake inspire the feelings I like to try to portray in my paintings.

Painting and 'playing' allow for happy accidents that surprise and delight me. My paintings are filled with color and movement which reflects the excitement and joy I feel when painting. I hope my artwork brings the same feelings for you as well."  ~Brenda

Brenda is an artist and an art educator from Appleton, WI. She graduated from The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and a license in K - 12 art education and a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership. 

Brenda's recent limited edition Artitotes collection was retired in June 2022. To purchase her art, please visit her website

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