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I’m Lucie Prosper of Electric Mandala. I live in a small town in Northern British Columbia, Canada, located off the Alaska highway. I started painting with dots in December of 2017 with no previous art background, just a passion for colour. I’m a wife and stay-at-home mom to two little boys aged 2 years and 6 months. Painting is my version of self care. Dotting is extremely satisfying and relaxing, unless I mess up! I love to paint on rocks, canvases, art stones made from plaster, wood, and anything else really. I started out using dotting tools which I had from when I was a nail tech, to now using henna cones 99% of the time. Between staying active on my social media accounts, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, recording my processes, editing photos and videos, listing art, shipping orders, making plaster stones, rolling and filling cones, and ordering art supplies.. always too many, I guess you could say this is my job! A fun one that I absolutely love. 

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