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Mama Fabrics by Ania Zwara

Ania Zwara is a mixed media artist, illustrator & surface pattern designer based in Poland. She is a visionary, intuitive, passionate and full of ideas Polish mom of 3 and the founder
of Mamafabrics creative brand. She is full of big ideas and ability to see potential and possibility everywhere. She lives in a city but deep inside she always felt that her soul belongs to the countryside. That's why she wanted to bring it's peace and charm to her everyday life by choosing a freelance creative career. Her designs have appeared in over 50 different companies and embellish hundreds of products all over the world. She loves collaborating! It always makes her excited to see her designs and products come together and match perfectly. Her creative purpose is to create art that brings happiness and home coziness to lives all around the world. Her work fills up people's homes with warmth, inspiration and floral designs. She knows how to grow florals that will never fade! Follow Ania on IG @mamafabrics.

Ania's limited edition Artitotes collection was retired in November of 2022. To purchase her art, please visit her website

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